At last…another Web site!

No gifts for you!

Welcome to the Grand Opening!

I finally created  Impressive, isn’t it?  This Web site serves as a hub where I can share all sorts of things:

  • My cartoons and artwork
  • My opinions and experiences
  • My computer programs and video games
  • My portfolio

I also plan to do lots of “blogging”.  In other words, I hope to post reasonably interesting stuff on a frequent basis, perhaps about the classes I’m in or the projects I’m doing.  Hopefully I can accompany these blogs with a cartoon or two.

Why am I going to all this trouble?

  1. I needs too pracktice my writeing skilllz, and there’s no better way than to do lots of writing.
  2. I keep having ideas for cartoons, games, or tutorials, yet don’t really have a way to post or share them in a single cohesive area.
  3. Blogging can be a great way to connect with people.  Reading someone’s   blog on the Internet can give deep insight into their perspective, and possibly lead to personal connections.
  4. It helps me study for class. When I write about course content, it forces me to think critically about the material.  (Then again, it could also be a distraction from said material…)
  5. I feel like it. Does this need explanation?

Perhaps my most important reason is that I’ve been trying to start — and consistently update — a personal Web site for the past eight years.  However, I always lose motivation somewhere along the way.  It seems difficult to consistently have something to write or draw about.  However, if my life is really that boring, then I need to start doing interesting things.  Otherwise, I’ll become a tottering, old, boring man with no stories to tell.  If anything, this Web site might help me be the life of the party at the senior center someday…

Just like my previous attempt at blogging consistently, I can’t promise much.  However, I don’t intend to write incredibly long articles this time, and I’ll definitely seek to attach a cartoon to each one.  Do you want to see what happens?  Just bookmark my blog, and I’ll take you along for the ride!

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