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(Sorry, no comic this time.  Maybe later…)

Last week, I had a lot going on in other classes.  I didn’t have much time to work on this project until Wednesday, so I only managed to do a little more design and implementation work.  We had a design meeting on Friday to discuss the goals of the project, and I think we’ve nailed down a firm goal: to approximate the pi/6 gate to better than 10^7 accuracy.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • I now have a working distance module, which can be used to compare the distance between matrices.
  • I also finished dissecting most of Austin Fowler’s algorithm, and am finishing up the implementation.
  • I also posted a design document on Google Docs, my source code on Github, and a project summary on this site.  You can get to all of them from the project summary.

I’m on track to finish the implementation this week on the FPGA!  In future weeks, I’ll analyze the performance by profiling the algorithm on the computer and the FPGA.  Then, I’ll make the appropriate optimizations.  If all goes well, I’ll meet the goal and have something worthy of publication!  If not, I should have enough information to provide someone with a good starting point to continue this work in the future.

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